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Adda Coffee and Tea House

Adda Coffee and Tea House

ADDA Coffee & Tea House on Highland Avenue is one of the newer spots in town where you can sidle up to the counter for a steaming cup of joe, talk to the friendly baristas, and enjoy arts and music from around the world. Since their opening in summer 2016, ADDA Coffee & Tea House has welcomed the art and culture of Brazil, coinciding with the Olympic Games, and premiered an independent documentary about the African influences on Cuban heritage and culture.

The word "adda" itself is of Bengali origin, meaning a place to convene for casual conversation. The word can also mean conversation itself.

ADDA strives to be a place where productive dialogue happens in the community. As a facilitator and convener of that dialogue, ADDA provides space for artists to share their work--and to create it too!

Coffee and tea from showcased regions of the United States and around the world are available to enhance the verbal and artistic conversations they encourage. Beans and leaves that have been sourced and processed fairly make up the rich and varied beverage menu at ADDA. Organic local food can also be purchased here.

Visit ADDA, and a percentage of your transaction price will be donated to charity. Other amenities include workspace, tech support, and client meet-up areas for local artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

By Cecile Shellman, independent curator 

Multiple artists participate in ADDA's artist residencies.