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7724 Juniata Street Pittsburgh PA 15218

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Trundle Manor



Nestled in a quiet neighborhood of Pittsburgh is a quaint house of curiosities and fancies. At once instructive, macabre, grand, and whimsical, Trundle Manor is part fright, part delight.

Proprietors Mr. Arm and Velda von Minx have operated their Swissvale residence as a venue for private tours--and even impromptu taxidermy lessons--since 2009. What's there to see? So much! Those who call ahead a week in advance can expect to be led on a 45-minute tour of this 1910 house now crammed with carefully-curated creepy, interesting, and downright bizarre collections.

Taxidermy, animal junk in a jar, Steampunk-inspired costumes, and gaudy goodies line the halls and walls. Medical implements and even weaponry allow for a fascinating window into the collectors' world; and guarantee a visitor experience like none else.

Be assured that most of what you see will indeed be the real deal. Mr. Arm is adamant that Trundle Manor show artifacts, not replicas. 

Tours can be arranged for one to fifteen visitors at a time. Bringing a friend is definitely recommended. You never know what lurks around the corner.

By Cecile Shellman, independent curator