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201 N Braddock Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15208

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The Mine Factory


Owner Mia Tarducci

The MINE Factory is an exhibition, rental, and studio space, located in the North Point Breeze/Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. A converted mining safety equipment factory, it was founded by MINE Factory artist and director Mia Tarducci Henry in 2013 and currently houses over 20 artist studios and a 4000 square foot gallery and showroom space. 

The MINE Factory functions as an artist- and designer-run space that promotes the work of these independent artisans as well as supports the creative and innovative artistic practice in the Pittsburgh region. Maintaining strong ties to the industrial and manufacturing heritage of the city, the space itself allows for display of a variety of works including large sculptural pieces and installations. It has housed a variety of exhibitions and events, including solo and group shows of local, regional, and national artists, collaborations with Pittsburgh’s VIA collective, private and corporate events, and artist studio tours.

Located in a once-thriving neighborhood of small businesses, The MINE Factory has worked to reinvest in the transformation of the area alongside places like the East End Food Co-op, which is situated right across the street. It is committed to promoting the North Point Breeze/Homewood neighborhood as well as the city of Pittsburgh, and its diversity of artists, designers, and filmmakers.

By Kirk Savage, art historian 

Multiple artists.