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4121 Main Street Pittsburgh PA 15224

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4121 Main


Owner Kira Hoeg and Thommy Conroy

The walls of the shop act as a gallery for local artists to exhibit, sell, and share their artwork. Mostly fashioned for hung prints and paintings, 4121 main gives opportunities for less-known local artists to display their work in a friendly, public space. This creative collaborative space also host events, workshops and local happenings.

Coffee is one of the most important components of 4121 Main. Selecting coffees from Heart Coffee Roasters in Portland OR, 4121 Main serves traditional coffee and espresso drinks noted for their delicious and smooth nuances from the single origin, direct trade beans.  Milk is sourced locally in glass bottles from Brunton Dairy and a regular, ever growing selection of bean to bar chocolate is always available. Ms. Hoeg prepares a classic espresso drink menu. To Hoeg, the act of making coffee is an art. Hoeg sees the act of making and serving coffee as a beautiful moment for conversation and exchange. At 4121 Main, Hoeg works on an espresso machine hand-built in Holland.

Additionally, 4121 Main specializes in Floral Compositions. 4121 Main uses locally grown flowers inspired by the season. Daily, you'll find a regular selection of hand tied bouquets & arrangements in glass vases. However, you can order larger arrangements for events. From hand-tied bows to statement arrangements, the staff at 4121 Main work to create beautifully, sculptural arrangements for weddings, corporate events, dinner parties, restaurants, and its single customer needs.

The interior aesthetics of 4121 Main was designed and built by the owners. The minimal space hands recognition to the vast selection of art, flowers, and homemade items around the store. The space follows all of the cues of the white box gallery, and treats the coffee, flowers, and art equally; each worthy of consideration and appreciation. 4121 Main is a great place for artists, writers, coffee-enthusiasts, and conversation seekers. 

By Kirk Savage, art historian 

Owners: Kira Hoeg and Thommy Conroy

Kira Hoeg comes from an extensive background in coffee culture and anthropology studies. She has a strong passion for coffee and works to create the unique espresso menu at 4121 Main.

Thommy Conroy comes from a fine art and theater background. Known for his work in both the non-profit and private sectors around the Pennsylvania and New York regions, Mr. Conroy has been working in event architecture, floristry, and art curating since 2002.