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Design Team, Integrated, Other 3D Work, Social Practice, Street Art, Temporary

Hazelwood Time: Part One, 2017

United Hazelwood Design Team


Commissioning Entity Uber
Owner Uber

Artist Edith Abeyta and eleven members of the Hazelwood community formed the United Hazelwood Design Team and have turned a chain link fence into a work of public art. They have collaborated since the beginning of  summer 2017 to develop the content and the theme of the artwork, Hazelwood Time: Part One. The project is fully funded by Uber, who owns the fence.  

The images on the fence are excerpts of Hazelwood maps from 1872, 1950, and 2017 combined with transportation references relevant to each era. The images are complemented by data visualization of transportation survey results taken by Greater Hazelwood residents. The Team transformed the data into images that are created on the fence using small plastic cups designed to enhance chain link fences.  

“Art has the power to transform, connect and mend,” says  Abeyta. “The United Hazelwood Design Team's first visit to the Uber fence was met with people who passed by shouting negative comments out of their car windows. Each day as we worked on the fence, people walked and drove by shouting how much they loved and appreciated the work we were doing.”

“This art beautification project consisted of Hazelwood residents, people who work in the community and many volunteers, “ says Joe Hepner. “The United Hazelwood Design Team worked very hard on this piece to improve the environment, and beautify the Uber fence to create a warm atmosphere for people living in Hazelwood Flats. There is no art beautification project big or small that we can't handle.”

The project is an outcome of Abeyta’s Office of Public Art Residency with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Hazelwood. For the past four years, Abeyta has worked in the community to develop creative projects that benefit Hazelwood. She has developed an excursions program and a studio space that are free to all residents. Her residency is funded by The Heinz Endowments. 

By Edith Abeyta and the Office of Public Art


Edith Abeyta, e-mail message to the Office of Public Art, October 4, 2017

To learn more about the United Hazelwood Design Team, please visit: https://www.unitedhazelwooddesign.org/

The United Hazelwood Design Team includes eleven residents: Kadence Boykin, Joseph Hepner, Ghafar James, Tevin Jordan-Blair, Carole Kathie, Ian Lynam, Marce Nixon, Jessica Petho, Suzanne Pierce, Brianna Rush, and Gavin White.