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1815 Metropolitan St Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15233

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Type of Venue: Gallery

ADA Access: Yes

Manchester Craftsmen's Guild Youth & Arts



MCG Youth & Arts’ mission is to educate and inspire urban youth through the arts.

Bill Strickland founded the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild in 1968. Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild initially offered an informal art program and exhibition space for inner-city minority children. Strickland and his father built a kiln in a garage and acquired a few potters’ wheels. Photography was soon added to address the interests of community members and because Strickland understood that artists needed good pictures to promote and help sell their work.

In 1986, after leading a $6.5 million capital campaign, Strickland opened a new 62,000 square foot arts and career training center. This facility offered vastly improved and expanded studios as well as classrooms, workshops, gallery spaces, and a 350-seat auditorium. The center currently provides training in fields as varied as gourmet food preparation, chemical, office, and medical technologies, and education arts programming in ceramics, design arts, digital arts, and photography.

Programs Classes, Workshops, Exhibitions, Lessons

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