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Allegheny Landing, between the Roberto Clemente and Andy Warhol bridges

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cast concrete, marble mosaic, terrazzo, labor, Carnegie Museum of Art, City of Pittsburgh

Artwork Type

Permanent, Sculpture

Mythic Source and Piazza Lavoro


Ned Smyth


Owner Carnegie Museum of Art

Ned Smyth designed a two-part installation in the park. Each component includes an architectural elements and mosaics. The work recognizes the contribution of Pittsburgh to American labor, labor's role in our nation's development, and the delicate balance between civilization and nature. In Piazza Lavoro four freestanding facades are covered with mosaics of laborers at work. Smyth describes his decision to depict the laborers without clothes as a way to avoid limiting "their universal expressiveness." With the classic figures and architectural structures, the work seems to reference ancient ruins.

The other component is Mythic Source. Here an abstracted palm tree is surrounded by mosaics of people and sea creatures, symbolizing man's origins in water. 

Both components were originally black but have faded in the sun. Images above, provided by Smyth, show the works when originally installed. 

Ned Smyth (b. 1948) works heavily with cast concrete. His sculptures have what Smyth calls a "reverence."