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PNC Park, Federal Street at Roberto Clemente Bridge

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Baseball, Pirates, Stadium, Sports, Hall of Fame, Bronze, Figurative

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Permanent, Sculpture, Memorial

Roberto Walker Clemente


Susan Wagner


Owner Pittsburgh Pirates
ADA Services Details of the sculpture, such as the hands, feet, and baseball bat, can be touched.

Roberto Clemente was only 38 and at the height of his career when his life came to a tragic end. He was on a flight that crashed on its way to deliver supplies for earthquake victims in Nicaragua. He played in Pittsburgh for his entire career, from 1955 to 1972, ending his last season with 3,000 hits. 

The sculpture is located at the center of a black granite base within an outline of a baseball diamond. First, second, and third bases are marked with soil from Puerto Rico, Clemente's birthplace; Forbes Field; and Three Rivers Stadium, respectively.  The base was designed by Astornio, a Pittsburgh architecture firm.


Susan Wagner (b. 1950) lives and works in Pittsburgh. She is a sculptor and a painter. Her figurative sculptures can be seen throughout Pittsburgh as well as the National Baseball Hall of Fame  and The Vatican.