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PNC Park, W. General Robinson Street at Mazeroski Way

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Baseball, Stadium, Hall of Fame, Bronze, Figurative, Pirates

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Permanent, Sculpture, Memorial

J.P. "Honus" Wagner


Frank Vittor


Owner Pittsburgh Pirates

J.P. "Honus" Wagner was born in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, in 1874. Nicknamed "The Flying Dutchman", he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates for 21 years and was considered the greatest shortstop of his time. He was one of the first players elected to the Pittsburgh Hall of Fame. The base of this sculpture contains reliefs by Tony Vittori, the artist's brother, that depict young people looking up at the baseball hero with admiration. His baseball card is one of the most valuable and sought after cards.

The sculpture previously stood on the grounds of Forbes Field and Three Rivers Stadium, where the Pirates played before moving to PNC Park. 

Frank Vittor (1888 - 1968) was born in Italy. After studying under Auguste Rodin in France, Vittor moved to the United States. His wife was a Pittsburgher.  His career flourished here, and he created many artworks for the City of Pittsburgh.