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North Shore Riverfront Park, at Art Rooney Avenue

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bronze, figurative, riverfront, renovation, bridge pier

Artwork Type

Permanent, Sculpture, Architecture, Integrated, Monument

Tribute to Children


Robert Berks


Commissioning Entity Colcom Foundation
Owner Sports and Exhibition Authority of Allegheny County
ADA Services The viewing platform is accessible to wheelchairs from the sidewalk behind the monument. The sculpture can be touched.

Fred Rogers, a native of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, was dedicated to educating children. His famous children's television series, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, was broadcast on public television for over 30 years from WQED in Oakland.  In this sculpture, he is depicted sitting down chanigng his shoes.  This simple act was occurred at the start of every program.

The sculpture is seated in an environment designed by Astorino, a Pittsburgh architecture firm, who transformed a pier of the Manchester Bridge into a platform where viewers can enjoy Pittsburgh's skyline, rivers, and hillsides. The bridge was removed from the site in 1970 as part of the creation of Point State Park. 

Robert Berks (1922 - 2011) was born in Boston, where he studied art at The Museum School of the Boston Museum of Fine Art.  He spent the majority of his career in New York City. His bronze sculptures of prominent people can be found throughout the country, including two works in Pittsburgh, Tribute to Children and Richard S. Caliguiri