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819 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15222

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Type of Venue: Gallery

ADA Access: All space open to the public is fully handicap accessible, including restrooms

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Future Tenant



Future Tenant is a "rough" space located in the heart of Pittsburgh's Cultural District that features alternative exhibitions and performances by the region's emerging artists. Founded in 2002 as a partnership between the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) College of Fine Arts, and the CMU Masters of Arts Management (MAM) program, the gallery is run entirely by MAM students, with the support of CMU and an advisory board. Edgy, uncharted and vibrant in both the art it presents and the management challenges it faces, Future Tenant is an experience unlike any other offered anywhere else.


Future Tenant provides a laboratory setting for artists, arts managers and audiences to explore the limits of the creative expression, presentation and interpretation of various art forms.


It is the vision of Future Tenant to become Pittsburgh’s destination for raw, innovative artistic experiences from across all visual, literary and performing disciplines. This destination will never be tied to any one physical venue, as Future Tenant will take up its work wherever there is access to an empty space. While it may not have a specific address in hand, the Pittsburgh audience will know that wherever Future Tenant gathers a group of artists, there can be found a constantly changing menu of vibrant, provocative new work. Patrons will clamor to learn of the next program, and emerging artists will fervently apply for the chance to launch their career though a show at Future Tenant. MAM students will compete for the opportunity to kick-start their own careers through a complete management experience at Future Tenant. In time, the model of Future Tenant will replicate to provide more artists, managers and patrons with increased opportunities to thrive in a non-traditional artistic experience.

Programs Exhibitions, Music performances, Dance performances, Theater performances, Readings, Workshops, Lectures

How to apply, rent, or engage

Submit proposals online for visual or performing arts programs at http://futuretenant.org/opportunities/