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Artwork Type

Permanent, Sculpture



Glenn Kaino


Commissioning Entity The Heinz Endowments
Owner Allegheny County Airport Authority
ADA Services The sculpture is located in a public area of the airport. A ticket is not needed. There are elevators and escalators close by.

A robot? A bridge creature? A transformer? Parts of each? This artwork exemplifies Glenn Kaino’s sculptural approach: bring together random parts of standard models in order to reassemble them into new and unique forms. Taking the bridges of Pittsburgh as a point of departure, the artist replicates these structures into autonomous sculptural elements that are then used as units to assemble this large-scale robotic figure. This sculpture was originally located on the corner of Fort Duquense Boulevard and Seventh Street in Downtown, Pittsburgh. It was restored and moved to the airport in 2013. In order to further education visitors about why Arch is made of bridges, the Engineer Society of Western Pennsylvania has provided information about the history of these iconic Pittsburgh bridges and general info about bridge structures in the form of an educational wall display, designed by Wall-to-Wall studios. 

“Literally and metaphorically, Arch is a bridge between Pittsburgh’s past, present, and future: from the immigrants constructing bridges to navigate the terrain, to the steel industry and the rise of industrialism, to the robotics industry and advanced technology that exist today fueling hope for the future. Arch is an iconic figure that embodied that narrative, a materialization of a concept and a starting point for new memories to be created from the fragments of old histories.”

- Glenn Kaino



Conceptual artist Glenn Kaino works across a wide range of media and specializes in creating tangible forms that give volume and density to intangible ideas. Based in Los Angeles, Kaino’s work has been shown at the Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, The Museum of Contemporary Art and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.  He represented the United States in the 13th International Cairo Biennale and has been part of creating several new experimental platforms and spaces for contemporary art.