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Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, parking lot, near West Commons

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1983 Jeep Grand Wagoner, Recycled Materials, Solar Power, Free Standing

Artwork Type

Interactive, Sculpture



Keny Marshall


Commissioning Entity Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
Owner Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Marshall often transforms discarded industrial materials and technology in his work to reveal the physical and ideological construction of the objects. With this piece, he reconfigured a donated 1983 Jeep Grand Wagoneer into a sphere. The artist encourages interactivity with the sculpture by presenting a timer that activates solar powered lights and portals to view the interior. The timer is located on the side of the sphere that is facing the street. 

Keny Marshall (b. 1971) uses industrial and mechanical debris to build kinetic systems and sculptures. He says his work, “provides a level of immediacy between people and the world around them, and makes the point that if we can understand the systems we depend on (be it mechanical, political or cultural), then perhaps we can control our world enough to change it.”

Marshall holds an MFA from Louisiana State University and a BFA from the University of Tennessee.