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Pedestrian bridge, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Shadyside, East Liberty, City of Pittsburgh

Artwork Type

Integrated, Landscape Architecture, Permanent

Shady Liberty


Sheila Klein


Commissioning Entity Urban Redevelopment Authority
Owner City of Pittsburgh

Shady Liberty is the first artist designed pedestrian bridge in the region and connects two neighborhoods, Shadyside and East Liberty, across a city busway. The bridge features thousands of glass sequins created at the nearby Pittsburgh Glass Center and includes railings salvaged from the 31st Street Bridge. The bridge is painted a familiar shade of yellow that echos the famous Three Sisters Bridges that span the Allegheny River in Downtown Pittsburgh.


Sheila Klein lives and works out of Bow, Washington, but is originally from Pittsburgh. Klein uses a variety of materials, from found objects to hand woven textiles, to “rebuild the world in my own vision.”  Her large scale installations transform environments.