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Allegheny Center, near the entrance to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Allegheny Regional Branch

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Painted aluminum, Buhl Community Park, Allegheny Center, City of Pittsburgh, Northside

Artwork Type

Permanent, Sculpture

Cubed Tension


Sylvester Damianos


Owner City of Pittsburgh
ADA Services This sculpture is located on the sidewalk. The adjacent curbs have curb cuts to allow for wheelchair access.

Artist and architect Sylvester Damianos collaborated with Jim Pedone on the renovation of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Allegheny Regional Branch in the late 1960s. Cubed Tension was painted blue for several decades but was restored to it's original red color by the City of Pittsburgh in 2015. 


Sylvester Damianos (b. 1933) is a Pittsburgh based architect and sculptor. He served as the national chair of the American Institute of Architects. He studied at both the Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Technological Institute of Delft in The Netherlands. Damianos is the recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award from Carnegie Mellon University.