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Highland Park Pool

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City of Pittsburgh, Highland Park, pool, steel

Artwork Type

Other 2D Work, Permanent



Eliza Miller


Owner City of Pittsburgh

This steel structure depicts figures swimming and diving.  It is installed over the inside entrance of the Highland Park pool, offset from the cement structure supporting it.  This protrusion allows for shadows of the cut steel to change dependent on the position of the sun and time of day.

Public sculptures in this period tended to be made of highly durable materials (such as steel) to mitigate maintenance issues.  At this time, most civic public art programs were invested in establishing a permanent relationship between the artwork and it's site, both in content and material.

Steel was a natural material for artist Eliza Miller, who also did work in ceramic, bronze, wood, and stone.  Her grandfather was Julian Kennedy, an engineer who was notable for designing many steel-mills in the Greater Pittsburgh area, and who named the Eliza Furnace mill after his granddaughter.

Eliza Miller (1914-2007) was a sculptor and a painter. She studied sculpture at Carnegie Tech, where she met her longtime partner, Janet deCoux. Miller and deCoux both attended the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. While there, they also served as nannies for the Lindbergh family, of Charles Lindbergh fame. They moved back to southwestern Pennsylvania, where Miller set up a studio in Gibsonia and was commissioned for artwork in and around the City of Pittsburgh. Her niece, Barbara Luderowski, is the founder of The Mattress Factory.