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Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Square

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polycarbonate, steel

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Architecture, Integrated, Permanent

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Ned Kahn


Commissioning Entity Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

MacArthur Award-winning artist Ned Kahn has explored the confluence of art and science throughout his career. He collaborated with Hank Koning and Julie Eizenberg to create the museum's facade, transforming the building into a wind sculpture. Hinged to a steel screen are 43,000 individual square panels that move in the wind and reflect light and shadows. The work is lit from within at night, turning the entrance into a shimmering lantern. 

Ned Kahn (b. 1960) is influenced by science and nature to create interactive works of art. Often incorporating wind, fog, and other natural elements, Kahn's work is dynamic. In addition to winning a MacAuthor Award in 2003, Kahn was also awarded the National Design Award for environmental design in 2005. Author, David Mather says of the artist's work, "It's no wonder that Ned Kahn's work with complex natural systems elicits mythic and contemporary associations. An artist from Northern California, Kahn replicates the forms and forces of nature. [His] projects exemplify contemporary tendencies to defy institutional and disciplinary categories, to invite public participation, and to integrate scientific and artistic aims." 


Koning Eizenberg Architecture