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Mattress Factory Art Museum, 500 Sampsonia Way

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Integrated, Permanent, Sculpture, Sound

Music For A Garden


Rolf Julius

Music For A Garden

The natural and electronic sounds in the garden are not all coming from the surrounding residencies. Some emanate from speakers located on the museum’s exterior walls. This site-specific sound work was designed to enhance the experience of visitors as they move through the space. Other works by this artist can be found inside the museum.

German-born sound installation artist, Rolf Julius (1939-2011) was internationally acclaimed for his groundbreaking work and minimalist approach to the field of sound design. He was the recipient of a PS1 scholarship, a grant from the Berlin Senate and a Fellowship from the Japan Foundation in Kyoto. Julius stated about his work, "With my paintings I create a musical space. With my music, I create a visual space. Paintings and music are equivalent."