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Lobby of 501 Penn Avenue

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Charles Olsen



Charles Olson is a painter known for his expressive color. He creates small-scale works from life and uses the studies to inform his large works, as seen here in this site-specific lobby series.

Charles Olson is originally from the Pittsburgh area. He is the current Associate Professor of Fine Arts and Chairman of the Fine Arts Department at St. Francis University in Loretto, PA.  

On his website, chuckolsonpaintings.com, Olson describes his painting process as such:

"I have always looked at painting as response and invention- an end game to experience, reading and observation that seeks to extend curiosity and possibilities...Paintings are built by decision and reaction-- often finding character in the many traces of this deliberation left on the canvas. It has the capacity to contain all notions and respond to all influence. There remains great power in this."

Artist statement courtesy of website: www.chuckolsonpaintings.com