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Tito Way between Penn and Liberty Avenues

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Artwork Type

Design Team, Interactive, Light, New Media

Cell Phone Disco


InformationLab, Ursula Lavrencic, Auke Touwslager


Commissioning Entity Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Owner Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Using LEDs, the artwork is a visualization of the electromagnetic waves of cell phone usage. Make a call or send a text to observe the changes created by the phone. The artists stated "their fascination lies with the transmission quality of the mobile phone; its presence beyond the shell of the device." The piece has won several awards including: Best Practice (2012), Virtueel Platform, Public Art Network's Year In Review Award (2011), and the Pittsburgh Technology Council's Design Art and Technology (DATA) Award in 2011.



InformationLab was founded in 2005 by Auke Touwslager and Ursula Lavrencic.

Auke Touwslager is a concept designer based in Slovenia. He received a design degree from the Design Academy in The Netherlands before founding a design studio, Anderemedia, and then InformationLab as "an international network for research, collaboration, exchange of knowledge and concept development."

Ursula Lavrencic is a Slovenian designer focused on concept development and architectural installations. She founded her design studio, Megla, in 2003. She holds an architectural degree from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljublana, Slovenia and her master of arts from the Design Academy in The Netherlands.