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Wood Street T Station, platform level

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Artwork Type


Ornamental Frames


Albert Paley


Owner Port Authority of Allegheny County

As an artist working primarily in metal, Paley's work has been described as architectural ornamentation. His commission for the Wood Street T Station includes two 4' x 7' frames made from hollow metal that highlight the beauty and precision possible with works made from metal. Without making any preliminary drawings, Paley worked intuitively on the frames. He wanted to emphasize the sweeping and rounded organic lines of the piece. The integration of the work into the station's architecture make the frames look like a sculptural relief rather than a wall assemblage. In addition to its decorative qualities, the frames are used to hold posters and advertisements for cultural events. 

Source: Donald Miller, "Forging art from cold steel," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 9, 1984. 

- R. Klipa

Albert Paley (1944-) was born in Philadelphia, PA. He began his career as a goldsmith, forging delicate jewelry from silver and gold. Paley is known for reviving forged iron as an art form and for the precision visible in his work. Some of his largest commissions are the gates for the New York State Senate in Albany, NY and the gates for the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Paley has completed more than 40 works of public art. He has taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology and at the State University of New York.