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828 Hazelwood Avenue Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15217

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Food, pantry, Squirrel Hill

Type of Venue: Non-arts retail venue

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Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry



Our mission at the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry is to end food poverty in our community by addressing the immediate food needs of those who are struggling with hunger. We give Food Pantry clients the help and support they need to address the underlying causes of their food insecurity. We do this through dedicated social work service, assessing the root causes of food insecurity and providing information, referral and service coordination of the services and benefits that our clients need in order to work towards the ultimate goal of stability and self-sufficiency.

The colorful Tribute Wall that adorns the Pantry's lobby was completed by local artist, James Simon, through a donation from one local family. The wall honors those members of the community who have generously supported the Pantry. The installation is made up of multiple panels, so it is fully mobile should the Pantry ever change locations.