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First Avenue, Between Ross and Grant Streets

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Artwork Type

Landscape Architecture, Sculpture

Firstside Park


Albert Guibara, Artist, Steven Gillespie & Rachelle Wolf, Landscape Architects, and Astorino, Architects PNC Firstside Center


Commissioning Entity PNC Bank
ADA Services Firstside Park features gentle inclines through the park.

Firstside Park is located across the street from the PNC Firstside Center, a silver-rated LEED-certified building on the site of a former B&O Railroad terminal. The park was also constructed using environmentally-friendly practices. For example, it was built using 2,500 tons of recycled concrete from a demolished public safety building. The 1.5-acre park is an urban oasis; perennials, ferns, ornamental grasses, and deciduous trees surround undulating pathways. These lead to Guibara’s sculptures of monkeys, rabbits, and frogs.

Albert Guibara (b. 1944) is a sculptor from California. He most often works in bronze.