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Photography, Pantone, Humanae, Community, August Wilson

Artwork Type

Mural, Other 2D Work, Temporary

Humanae/I Am August, 2015

Angélica Dass


Commissioning Entity Magenta Foundation, Kelly Strayhorn Theater
Owner Artist
Humanae is a work in progress, who intends to deploy a chromatic range of the different human skin colors. This taxonomy, using the industrial tools and based on  Pantone® Guides codification, gives the sample a degree of hierarchical horizontality that diluted the false preeminence of some races over others in terms of skin color. The presentation of the range of color shades induce the viewer to reflect on one of the dual meanings containing the word identity: that associated with equality. Humanae activates a semantic mechanism with an "innocent" displacement of the socio-political context of the racial problem in a safe environment, as is a color catalog in which the “primary” colors have exactly the same importance as “mixed”.

The spectators are invited to press the share button in their brains.