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Mural, Street Art, Temporary

City Composition, 2016

Deanna Mance


Commissioning Entity Envision Downtown
Owner City of Pittsburgh

Deanna Mance’s City Composition is the first mural commissioned for asphalt in the city, and the first artwork for the Strawberry Way street mural program. City Composition joins the ranks of artwork found in Strawberry Way such as Laurel Beckman’s Phantasm and Tom Mosser’s and Sarah Zeffiro’s The Two Andys

Comprised of colorful, geometric shapes, Mance’s mural design was influenced by the surrounding architecture in Strawberry Way and the region’s curvaceous topography. Mindful of its surroundings, the mural can be seen as an abstraction of the city and region. Some, who have passed by the mural as Mance worked, claimed to have seen arching bridges, city steps, and train tracks. Moreover, forms that are found in the mural were inspired by conversations that Mance had with pedestrians during the project. City Composition is a strongly organized work full of images that mimic symbols and/or hieroglyphs. Follow the piece along Strawberry Way, and a narrative within the mural seems to reveal itself.   

Painted with exterior acrylic paint followed by a clear coat, this is the largest artwork that Mance has ever completed. For her, the process of working on this piece has explored the boundaries and possibilities between her usual medium of paper and those discovered by painting on asphalt. Mance believes that public art has the power to bring people into the present moment; City Composition will no doubt do just that. 

By Rachel Klipa, Office of Public Art

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As a two-dimensional artist, Deanna Mance's work explores the concept of time, the minutiae of everyday life, and society's relationship with nature. She often uses free-hand techniques to create work that evolves organically and free of constrictions. Mance is an avid traveler and collects found objects to integrate into her art, test the limits of her materials, and to produce improvisational and spontaneous pieces. Her work has been shown in Chicago, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Spain. 


Envision Pittsburgh

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