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Sixth Avenue and Bigelow Square

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COR-TEN steel, City of Pittsburgh

Artwork Type


The Flow


Louise Pershing


Owner City of Pittsburgh
ADA Services The sculpture is located by a sidewalk along Sixth Avenue. The area surrounding the sculpture is brick and could present walking difficulties.

Pittsburgh artist Louise Pershing fabricated this work from COR-TEN steel, which was invented in Pittsburgh by the U.S. Steel Corporation. It is an abstract representation of steelmaking that was inspired by Pershing’s visit to the open hearth of their Homestead Works.

The sculpture was gifted to the City of Pittsburgh by Schenider Sheet Metal.

Louise Pershing (1904-1986) was a Pittsburgh-based painter and sculptor. She exhibited at a variety of venues including the National Academy of Design, Cincinatti Art Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. Pershing once told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about her work, "Most artists of today have no meaning in their paintings. That has been the trouble with American art for the last hundred years. Artists in this country have had nothing emotional to say."