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painted steel, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Power Piping Company, City of Pittsburgh

Artwork Type


Pipe Dream IV


Sister Josefa Filkosky


Nicknames The Paper Clip
Commissioning Entity Three Rivers Arts Festival
Owner City of Pittsburgh
ADA Services The work is located on a roadway media. It can be accessed by pedestrians.

The works of dedicated minimalist sculptor Sister Josefa Filkosky focused on shape and form. This piece also explores movement through the thrusting and turning of the pipe form. It was created for the 1970 Three Rivers Arts Festival, and it is sometimes fondly called "the paper clip."

The City of Pittsburgh repainted the sculpture in 2015, using a paint chip located in her archives at Seton Hill University.

Sister Josefa Filkosky (1933-1999) taught at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Filkosky's monumental geometric sculptures created from wood and steel were exhibited throughout the United States.