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Schenley Drive at Phipps Conservatory

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bronze, Quincy granite, City of Pittsburgh

Artwork Type

Monument, Permanent, Sculpture

Edward Manning Bigelow


Guiseppe Moretti


Owner City of Pittsburgh
ADA Services The sculpture is located on a small hill in the center of a street. It is not easily accessed by pedestrians.

Called the "Father of the Parks," Bigelow is credited with convincing Mary Schenley to donate a large parcel of land that is now part of the 454-acre Schenley Park. As the city's director of parks and public works, Bigelow brought Moretti to Pittsburgh during a civic initiative to beautify the city's parks, including a commission honoring himself.

The statue was restored in 1994 by the Hunt Foundation.

Guiseppe Moretti (1859 - 1935) moved to New York City, by way of Italy, in 1886. Moretti worked mainly with bronze and marble. He spent a significant portion of his career in Pittsburgh, where he was commmissioned to create sculptures throughout Schenley Park, and the Highland Park entrances, among others. Moretti also spent time in Alabama, where he created the largest cast iron statue in the world, Vulcan. Moretti retired to Italy in 1925.

Fun fact: Moretti was known to always be wearing a green neck tie.